Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Mussolini on Democracy and Popular Sovereignty

"Democracy is beautiful in theory; in practice it is a fallacy. You in America will see that some day." 
  - To Edwin L. Edwins of New York Times

"The dogma of popular sovereignty... in practice is the sovereignty of small minorities composed of intriguing demagogues."

   - In Times article, "Mussolini Rejects Democratic Rule"

Monday, November 15, 2021

Franco on Captured Female Combatants

"[The] failure of humane democracy in Spain had given way to one of the coldest-hearted men, a man intolerant of human foibles, humourless but able, calm, and determined. One day in winter, Bernhardt was lunching with Franco (whom he admired). The question came up as to what to do with four militiawomen, captured, armed with rifles. Franco believed that all women captured in arms should be shot. 'There is nothing else to be done', he said, 'shoot them', without changing the tone that he would use for a discussion of the weather." 
- Thomas Hughes, The Spanish Civil War

Friday, October 8, 2021

Remark from Joris van Severen of the Verdinaso

"More than ever, the supreme and most urgent necessity is to see and say things as they are... And, more than for others, this is an imperative necessity for those who take it upon themselves to lead their people... More than ever, because, as perhaps never before, the lives of men and the lives of the nations on all sides are dominated by lies and deceit. Such that one hardly hears or reads words anymore that are words of truth: honest and matter-of-fact expression of genuine reality."

- Joris van Severen

Thursday, September 23, 2021

A Remark from Arnold Meijer of the Black Front

"Een fascist moet de werkelijkheid aandurven."

["A fascist must dare to face reality."]
- Arnold Meijer, 'Het Nederlandsch Volksfascisme en de Joden'

Image: Members of the Dutch Zwart Front

Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Smothering Shroud of Humanity

"Man has learned nothing: there are people who are still sanctimonious in their opposition to violence regardless of the state of the world, and who will presumably continue in the same way until the end. Frolicking in peace and love must be sweet – no doubt about that. Yet it is a nonsensical and disastrous attitude. With a smothering shroud of six [eight] billion people and all their demands covering the surface of the earth, pacifism is dead." 
- Pentti Linkola, 'Can Life Prevail?' 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

A Quote from Mussolini on Time and Blood

"It is blood which moves the wheels of history!"
- Benito Mussolini, end of 1914 Parma speech

Saturday, September 4, 2021

A Remark from Biggini on World War II

"The Anglo-Americans certainly did not wage war out of some desire to help or "liberate" any Western European people, but rather because they saw themselves threatened by the advent of a new era, which was expressed in Italy and in Germany with more strength and awareness than anywhere else."

- Carlo Alberto Biggini, "Truth and Lies About Fascism"

Wednesday, August 18, 2021

There Will Be No Communism

"One thing that I am sure of, and which I can answer truthfully, is that whatever the contingencies that may arise here, wherever I am there will be no communism."

- Francisco Franco

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Ezra Pound in Venice, Italy, in 1964

"If a man isn't willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he's no good."

- Ezra Pound, after his arrest for treason at the end of the war

Friday, August 6, 2021

José Antonio Primo de Rivera on Fascism

"Fascism was born to inspire a faith not of the Right (which at bottom aspires to conserve everything, even injustice) or of the Left (which at bottom aspires to destroy everything, even goodness), but a collective, integral, national faith." 
- Primo de Rivera, quoted in Payne's 'A History of Spanish Fascism,' 1961, p. 31

Thursday, May 20, 2021

Himmler on the Living Past and Future in Each

"The wisdom of a thousand generations slumbers in you. Waken it and you have found the key which will open the doors of your truest aspirations. Only he who esteems himself is worthy of being a man. Only he is a man who bears the living past and future in himself, for only he is able to stand above the present hour. And only he who is master of the present is successful; he alone is fulfilled. As only in fulfillment is divinity."

- Heinrich Himmler

Himmler, in front of Wewelsburg...

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Beyond the Lotus Moments of the Past

"The slow, soft days are behind us, perhaps forever. Hard days and dark nights ahead, no relaxing of the muscle of mind and will. It is at once our privilege and our ordeal to live in a dynamic period in the history of man. The tents of ease are struck and the soul of man once more is on the march. Do we envy those who have lived in the lotus moments of the past? Do those of my generation regret their own short youth; that brief bright moment between storm and storm? No! we regret nothing, not even our own past. Those who have lived in the happy valleys of blissful, peaceful periods in the history of the world have never known our depths, but they have also never known our heights." 
- Sir Oswald Mosley, 'Fascist Week,' Dec. 22-28, 1933