Friday, January 19, 2018

A Quote from Céline on the Masses

"The masses always idolize shit, be it in music, in painting, in writing, in war, or on the stage. Imposture is the goddess of crowds. If I’d been born a dictator (which God forbid) some interesting things would happen. I know what the people need, and it’s not a revolution, it’s not ten revolutions… What they need is that we force silence and water on them! Let them all disgorge the too-much alcohol they’ve drunk since 1793 and the words they’ve heard… As they are they’re irremediable! They’re so stuffed with Masonic filth and wine, their guts are in such a state of Jewification and cirrhosis that they fall to pieces in the Jew shithouses at the first eruption of a loudspeaker." 
- Louis-Ferdinand Céline, "Trifles for a Massacre"